Mount Etna Erupts And Triggers 5.0 Earthquake

Mount Etna Erupts And Triggers 5.0 Earthquake

Mount Etna Erupts And Triggers 5.0 Earthquake | Sicily Is Shaken By Tremors

First came the eruption from Mount Etna, followed by a 5.0 magnitude earthquake.

Mount Etna Erupts And Triggers 5.0 Earthquake

The earthquake caused injuries and damage in Eastern Sicily during the early morning hours of Wednesday. The volcano has been emitting ash and lava has streamed down its slopes since it began erupting on Monday the 24th of December.

The quake registered 5.0 magnitude, as reported by the Italian news agency ANSA, who also informed that approx. 600 people were displaced. Officials said the earthquake was marked by about 1,000 tremors — most of them small — related to Etna’s eruption, as per Associated Press reports.

Italy’s Civil Protection Agency (CPA) set up provisional shelters for those whose houses were damaged or who were too terrified to go home.

At least 10 people were wounded, according to the AP, and others required medical care for panic attacks or psychological conditions.

Images of the area displayed churches and buildings scattered with rubble, collapsed signs in front of shops, and distorted statues.

On 24 December, ANSA reported that a new rupture had become evident on Etna’s southeast crater, from which ash was spewing. Authorities shut down airspace over the airport in the adjoining city of Catania.

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Sources: theglobeandmail, reuters, npr

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