The Laziest Smartphone Holder | Lazy Neck Mobile Phone Holder Review

The Laziest Smartphone Holder

The Laziest Smartphone Holder | Lazy Neck Mobile Phone Holder Review

Bill Gates once said that he picks a lazy person to do a tough job because a lazy soul will find an easy way to do it.

Think about it, it really makes sense because a laidback individual would find the easiest and the fastest way to accomplish a task, thus making him more resourceful than those who spend hours and hours at a job. Really don’t know if this philosophy would fit every circumstance, but it sure does hold good in context of this gadget that we are reviewing.

Which is why Team Paandu recommends being lazy (only to the extent required).

As a direct consequence of this thought process we have decided to review a resourceful gadget for lazy people.
The gadget we are reviewing here The Laziest Smartphone Holder you have ever come across.

Watch the video below and the possibilities are mind blowing.

With The Laziest Smartphone Holder, you can now lie on your bed or sit on the couch with your mobile phone right in front of your face – without you having to hold it!
Get started by placing The Laziest Smartphone Holder over your neck and your smartphone will never be more than 20cm away from your face ever again.

You could also use it like a Portable Smartphone Holder by placing it on a table, like this.

Portable Smartphone Holder

The Laziest Phone Holder is made from an alloy of aluminium magnesium, this ensures that it is sturdy enough to hold all the current phone models. The flexible holder and bracket give it the unique feature of 360 degree adjustability to custom suit any comfort level.

Where do I buy this item: You can click on the link right here to buy The Laziest Smartphone Holder from Amazon.

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