Senator Martha McSally’s Revelation | She Was Raped By a Superior In The Air Force

Senator Martha McSally’s Revelation | She Was Raped By a Superior In The Air Force
Senator Martha McSally’s Revelation | She Was Raped By a Superior In The Air Force Senator Martha McSally’s Revelation

Martha McSally one of the most celebrated women to serve in the U.S. military and is a present day Republican Senator.

She made a startling statement Wednesday, sharing her story of dreadful pain that many in the military are agonized with.

Much before the #MeToo crusade brought sexual violence and harassment to the fore, women in the military and their legal aids had exposed such misconduct in the armed forces.

Auto lotto  processorIn 2005, Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine and erstwhile member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, interrogated a top Army official about the problem, and he dismissed her with irritation.

Many politicians, including Senator Republican Martha McSally, who spoke openly about her rape before the Senate Armed Services Personnel Subcommittee, would like Congress to take one more look at the issue.


MSNBC, New York Times, Youtube, ABC News, HKS


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