Viking Sky Cruise Ship Thrown into Chaos at Sea | Insane Eyewitness Video

Viking Sky Cruise Ship Thrown into Chaos at Sea | Insane Eyewitness Video
Viking Sky Cruise Ship Thrown into Chaos at Sea | Insane Eyewitness Video Viking Sky Cruise Ship Thrown into Chaos at Sea

[Wild pictures and videos show the Viking Sky cruise ship disorientated nearly 45 degrees in choppy waters, sending furniture and passengers sliding across rooms and tiles crumbling from the ceiling.   

More information Here: Viking Sky Cruise Ship Thrown into Chaos at Sea

[The incapacitated cruise ship finally reached the Norwegian shore Sunday afternoon, nearly a full days after it issued a mayday call when it faced fatal engine trouble at sea.

[The video shows the ship rocking along Norway’s rough, frigid western waters as it attempted to steer clear of the rocky coast Saturday

[Video captured by passengers shows water pouring through common areas as waves as high as 26 feet lashed the ship.

[Another eyewitness video posted on Twitter shows ceiling tiles tumbling onto the top of passengers and tables and chairs rolling across the deck.

[It is estimated that 20 of the 1,373 passengers and crews were injured, as per the Viking Ocean Cruises.

[Almost 450 passengers were rescued by helicopters and airlifted to land. A tug boat alongwith two other vessels on Sunday helped the ship arrive at the port on Molde after its engines were restarted.

More information Here: Viking Sky Cruise Ship Thrown into Chaos at Sea


NY Post, Daily Express, LA Times, Travel Off Path


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