Is She the Fittest 52 Year Old | Halle Berry Training For John Wick 3

Is She the Fittest 52 Year Old | Halle Berry Training For John Wick 3

Is She the Fittest 52 Year Old | Halle Berry Training For John Wick 3 Is She the Fittest 52 Year Old

Here’s the workout, 52 year-old Halle Berry, did to get fit for her role in John Wick 3.

You got to actually train like a fighter if you are going to play a trained fighter!

At least that’s how Halle Berry felt about taking on the role of enigmatic slayer Sofia in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, in which she stars with Keanu Reeves and does almost all of her stunts.   

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For John Wick 3, Halle Berry got incredibly fit and is seen taking down men with her legs, deal with punches to the stomach, dodge knives, deliver blows, leap through the air and shoot guns.

Her longtime personal trainer Peter Lee Thomas has played the key role in transforming Berry, 52, into an action star.

5 days a week, for 1 to 1.5 hours at a time, the actress focused on fitness with trainer Thomas. 3 or 4 of those days, Berry also took martial arts fight training in forms like Jiu Jitsu.

That wasn’t all: There was also weapons training and dog training

Though Berry has been training with Thomas for five years, when it was time for John Wick she had to crank up her routine.

This is where Thomas (a certified MMA trainer) played a pivotal role, trained Berry like a fighter: She shadowboxed, wore a sauna suit and skipped rope.

More information Here: Is She the Fittest 52 Year Old

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