We Are The World Channel Aid | YouTube Artists with Kurt Hugo Schneider

YouTube Artists with Kurt Hugo Schneider

Recorded almost 8 months back in Studio A at Capitol Studios in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Channel Aid shaped this version of “We are the World” with over 30 young youtube artists. It has now been over 3 decades since Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie and Quincy Jones created this Masterpiece.

For Channel Aid it was time to cry out online that the world of social media is working hand by hand when it comes to humanitarian causes. With this video they are raising donations for children and disabled people all over world. The song and video is the brainchild of YouTube Legend Kurt Hugo Schneider and has been brought to life by his unbelievable Team.

Over 30 performers and musicians came from all around the globe to support this project. All together they have more than fifty million subscribers and close to 10 billion views on YouTube. All of them are mega social media influencers in their respective micro niches. The recording of this version of We Are The World embodied the same fervour, sense of purpose and big-heartedness as the original recording thirty three years ago. Every single one of the artists who took part, across varied genres and generations, walked into the room with their hearts and souls completely surrendered to this great cause!

at Paandu would like to thank all of you who have watched this video and spend time reading the post.

To join hands with the Channel aid in this noble cause you can Donate here: http://www.Channel-Aid.org.

Note: Apart from all donations, all paybacks from the YouTube Monetization & Streaming sites go into Charity!

Click the link below for Live Stream

YouTube Artists with Kurt Hugo Schneider

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