RIP Cha In-ha | Korean Actor Cha In-ha Found Dead | KPOP Suicide Syndrome

KPOP Suicide Syndrome

27 year old Korean actor and celebrity Cha In-ha found dead. Cha’s death is the 3rd inside three months following Sulli and Goo Hara’s suspected suicides.

An official statement was issued by Cha’s agency, Fantagio, confirming his death.

Cha In-ha (real name Lee Jae-ho) posted on Instagram posing with a white mug and looking solemnly at his phone. His post read “Everybody, watch out,”.

Just 2 months back, the outspoken 25-year-old singer Sulli died soon after leaving a note that hinted at depression.

In November, 27-year-old K-pop star Goo Hara was found dead in Seoul under similar circumstances.

Cha In-ha was part of Fantagio’s actor group Surprise U, and had featured in dramas including “The Banker,” and “Miss Independent Ji Eun 2.” He had also appeared in MBC drama “Love With Flaws.”

The chain of the deaths of young stars points to a grim reality of the South Korean entertainment industry.

At a time when the South Korean music and TV dramas are reaching new heights and gaining international popularity, the system is is undergoing a paradox fueled by peer pressure where failure has no room.

It is scarily looking like an epidemic – KPOP Suicide Syndome.

In the cases of Sulli and Goo, authorities have established that they were victims of cyber-bullying revolving around thier romantic relationships.

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KPOP Suicide Syndrome

Sources: NBC News, Top Star News, Twitter, Youtub

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