RIP Goo Hara | Korean Pop Singer Found Dead at Her Home

Korean Pop Singer Found Dead at Her Home

The Police said Hara was found at her home at around 6:30 p.m. local time on Saturday 23rd November.

The former Kara band member Goo Hara has been found dead at her home, the Gangnam Police Department who are currently investigating the cause are not ruling out a suicide.

Earlier this year, Goo was reportedly found unconscious at her home after an alleged suicide attempt.

This happened in May when she was embroiled in disputes with an ex-boyfriend who threatened to go viral with a sex video of her.

Hara made her solo debut four years back with the EP Alohara (Can You Feel It?) after Kara split.

Hara’s death comes one month after the K-pop artist Sulli, who was part of the group f(x), died at the age of 25.

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Korean Pop Singer Found Dead at Her Home

Sources: BBC News, Independent, Emoda, Twitter, Youtube

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