Rafael Nadal Hit it Challenge Featuring Elevator | Must Watch Hilarious Kia Motors Antics

Rafael Nadal Hit it Challenge Featuring Elevator

Rafael Nadal Hit it Challenge Featuring Elevator – Rafael Nadal once again decided to entertain his fans with the Kia Motors Hit it Challenge. The only difference is that this time he managed to smash someone too.

The 2020 version of the Australian Open is in full swing and Rafa seems to be in an uplifted spirit as is evident in his antics during the Kia Motors Hit it Challenge.

In the current challenge his task is quite difficult as the Spaniard needed to hit the button of an elevator.

The first 2 attempts didn’t connect but the third one literally hit the button and the elevator doors actually opened up.

Of course, things were never going to be that simple for the world no. 1 and the next level made things interesting.

In this next level Nadal had to hit the ball in between the legs of his assistant and then the button of the elevator.

This was the part that fans have raved about and epitomizes the hilarious segment as the assistant was hit thrice with Nadal enjoying every moment of it.

The 4th attempt saw the Spaniard hit the target and his assistant could sigh in relief. Nadal wanted some of his fans to try it and there appears to be an open challenge.

Fans believe that this is the year of Nadal’s full resurgence.

The nineteen-time Grand Slam champion had a few tough years due to injuries in 2015 and 2016. Nevertheless, he has worked on his fitness and picked up 5 Grand Slam titles from 2017.

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