Broom Challenge Real or Hoax | Gravitational Pull Broom Standing Theory is it Real or Hoax?

The Broom Challenge Real or Hoax

Broom Challenge Real or Hoax – Scroll through Facebook, Twitter or any other social media and you will most likely see images and videos of brooms standing on their own.

Almost all these posts claim that you can stand a broom up only today because of a gravitational pull that happens on this day.

People are also referring to NASA saying that NASA announced that during this day in February 2020 there is unique phenomenon which makes earth’s gravitational pull react differently on brooms.

NASA has not confirmed anything about this broom challenge.

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Experts believe that it all has nothing to do with the planets of the uniqueness of gravitational pulls, instead it has to do with the broom itself! However social media is proving that wrong in a way – as almost every type of broom is standing up straight on this day – even those which that did’t stay that way on other days!

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Sources: NBC25NEWS, Twitter

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