RIP Go Soo Jung | 25-years old Goblin Actress Passes Away

RIP Go Soo Jung

RIP Go Soo Jung – The young actress was 25-years old, and her funeral and final rites took place on February 9 2020. It was strictly a private affair and attended only by family and close friends. It is believed that the rookie actress was suffering from a fatal illness.

Story J Company also stated, “We will fondly remember actress Go Soo Jung & her beautiful smile which brightened the world. Please pray for her a safe passage.”

Goo Soo Jung debuted as a rookie actress in Goblin, a 2016 tvN production.

Goo Soo Jung also appeared in productions such as JTBC’s ‘Solomon’s Perjury’ and a few more.

Our heartfelt condolences to the late actress’s family & loved ones.

For those who didn’t know Goo Soo Jung, here is video:

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Sources: ALLKPOP, Twitter, Youtube

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