Muguruza Sure Does Enjoy Her Photoshoot

Muguruza Sure Does Enjoy Her Photoshoot

Muguruza Sure Does Enjoy Her Photoshoot – Garbine Muguruza is extremely focused when it comes to tennis, but she also loves the glamour part.

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In a recent past press conference, the Spaniard was noted to have said:

‘I try and find, manage for this not to affect me in my daily life. I think these are irreplaceable opportunities, and I love them. Yes, I have fun. I’m fortunate to be a good player, and evidently, it gives me openings that would be tough otherwise. It’s a very exceptional moment to do this photo shoot….I never fail to remind myself that what I do is play tennis, and that’s what’s essential. But I like the glamour shift because it’s a break from training.

When thinking of gorgeous WTA tennis players, people are going to obviously pick the likes of Eugenie Bouchard, Maria Sharapova and Ana Ivanovic. But, when it comes to stunning tennis players in the WTA circuit, Spanish-Venezuelan tennis player Garbine Muguruza has definitely got to feature on the list. From the moment Muguruza started participating on the pro tennis tour, she was receiving mounds of attention.

That’s not just because she’s hugely gifted (She’s won two Grand Slams for a reason) but because she’s one of the most charming players in the women’s pro circuit. Her talent, beauty combined with the flair and the fire that she brings onto the court, makes her the most desirable player to watch on the court.

Garbine keeps herself modest and engaged with her adoring fans. The above video was posted on her official Instagram account a few days back. Hope you will enjoy it!

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Sources: The Things Dot Com, Tennis World USA, Instagram

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