Hashtag WeLoveYouJin Is Trending On Twitter Again

Hashtag WeLoveYouJin Is Trending On Twitter Again

We Hashtag WeLoveYouJin Is Trending On Twitter Again after BTS came out with their latest album Map of The Soul: 7 on February 21. this man has so much love in his heart, it’s physically impossible not to love him back #WeLoveYouJin pic.twitter.com/C7eEcX07E2 — mani⁷- look at my feet, look down (@DIONYSUSKIM) February 23, 2020 Apparently, among the twenty songs in the album, member Kim Seokjin wrote his solo entitled “Moon” for their fans & the ARMYs are all out in reciprocating with their appreciation all over Twitter. This is…

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RIP Go Soo Jung | 25-years old Goblin Actress Passes Away

RIP Go Soo Jung

RIP Go Soo Jung – The young actress was 25-years old, and her funeral and final rites took place on February 9 2020. It was strictly a private affair and attended only by family and close friends. It is believed that the rookie actress was suffering from a fatal illness. Story J Company also stated, “We will fondly remember actress Go Soo Jung & her beautiful smile which brightened the world. Please pray for her a safe passage.” Goo Soo Jung debuted as a rookie actress in Goblin, a 2016…

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UEE and iKON’s Song Yun Hyeon Working as Flight Attendants | KPop Gossip & Rumours

UEE and iKON's Song Yun Hyeon Working as Flight Attendants

UEE and iKON’s Song Yun Hyeon Working as Flight Attendants – KPop fans are everywhere and this is a video of these stars spotted recently on a Cebu Pacific flight. Speculations are doing the rounds that these two stars are filming for reality show ‘Cabin Crew’ where celebrities are given a opportunity to work as flight attendants. The members go through a harsh job interviews just as in real life and undergo rigorous training before they get to travel around the world. The show ‘Cabin Crew’ has been renewed for…

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Sulli’s Wealth Under Dispute | The Late Idol’s Wealth Estimated $15 Million

Sulli's Wealth Under Dispute

Sulli’s Wealth Under Dispute – Sulli’s brother has publicly expressed anger about their father’s alleged interest in late idol’s wealth. The actress who was born in 1994 in Busan, South Korea, died in October last year in an alleged suicide. Her parents held a separate funeral in Severance Hospital’s hall for fans so that they can pay their respects. Unfortunately as exposed in her brother’s public revelations, it seems there has been an ongoing conflict in her family. Her older brother expressed anger about the way his father has been…

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How to Watch Black Swan | BTS’s Latest Choreographic Masterpiece

How to Watch Black Swan

BTS have shared a stunning video on thier official twitter account, from the eagerly awaited new single ‘Black Swan’. The full story How to Watch Black Swan? The lead number from the upcoming album ‘MAP OF THE SOUL : 7’, which will be released on February 21st. Pre-orders have broken all past records, already touching 3.5 million copies in just a week. The dramatic video from the single Black Swan is a compelling watch. BTS have raised thier standards even higher with this choreographic masterpiece. #BlackSwan #BTS#????? #BTSisComing #MAP_OF_THE_SOUL_7 #BTSingleToday…

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K-pop Band EXO’s Chen to Tie the Knot | Chen’s Non Celeb Girlfriend is Said to be Pregnant

K-pop Band EXO's Chen to Tie the Knot

Chen (member of the South Korean boy band Exo) wrote a handwritten letter to fans, announcing that he is tyring the knot – getting married to his girlfriend. The full story K-pop Band EXO’s Chen to Tie the Knot – His non celeb girlfriend, is said to be pregnant. SM Entertainment who handle the K-pop stars official affairs confirmed the news by releasing a statement. They state that Chen has met someone very dear to him and will be getting married to her. The would be bride is in no…

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RIP Cha In-ha | Korean Actor Cha In-ha Found Dead | KPOP Suicide Syndrome

KPOP Suicide Syndrome

27 year old Korean actor and celebrity Cha In-ha found dead. Cha’s death is the 3rd inside three months following Sulli and Goo Hara’s suspected suicides. Enjoyed this video? SUBSCRIBE us on YOUTUBE An official statement was issued by Cha’s agency, Fantagio, confirming his death. Cha In-ha (real name Lee Jae-ho) posted on Instagram posing with a white mug and looking solemnly at his phone. His post read “Everybody, watch out,”. Just 2 months back, the outspoken 25-year-old singer Sulli died soon after leaving a note that hinted at depression.…

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Rookie TXT Release New Album With Lead Title Run Away | The Dream Chapter – Magic

The Dream Chapter - Magic

The rookie band TXT returned to the music scene with the group’s first commercial-length album, “The Dream Chapter: Magic.” Enjoyed this video? SUBSCRIBE us on YOUTUBE The new album arrives 7 months after the 5-piece act — leader Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun and Huening Kai — made a thrilling debut in March with EP “The Dream Chapter: Star.” The new 8-track album’s lead single “Run Away,” a synth-pop tune that overflows with bright energy and vigorous choreography. Other tracks are equally energetic and fresh “New Rules,” “Can’t We Just Leave…

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Who Can Topple BTS | Cast Your Vote at Mnet Asian Music Awards 2019 Official Website

Who Can Topple BTS

BTS have 5 nominations in thier bag already at the upcoming Mnet Asian Music Awards this December. They are: Song of the Year, Artist of the Year, Best Male Group, Worldwide Fans’ Choice, and Best Dance Performance Male Group. Enjoyed this video? SUBSCRIBE us on YOUTUBE The announcement of the nominees has resulted in a tweet storm, with millions posts already. Fans have been all over social media using the hashtags #MAMA2019 and #MAMAVOTE, both of which are now trending on Twitter and instagram, to encourage people to vote for…

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R.I.P | Korean Pop Star Sulli Found Dead at Her Home

Korean Pop Star Sulli Found Dead at Her Home

Sulli was found by the local police and reported dead at her home near Seoul, South Korea. Enjoyed this video? SUBSCRIBE us on YOUTUBE Sulli was barely 25 year old. Her real name was Choi Jin-ri. They say they are investigating the reason for her death and cannot rule out the possibility that she may have taken her own life.? Sulli was a super star in her own right, with more that five million followers on Instagram. She was a former member of the band f(x) until she quit 4…

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