Coronavirus Survival and Prep Guide | COVID-19 Life Saving Advice

Coronavirus Survival and Prep Guide

Coronavirus Survival and Prep Guide – this is a densely packed video of how to manage infection in a grid down situation. This guide was conceived way before the COVID-19 epidemic. However the advice is relevant for any epidemic or pandemic. The author is well known for his books on survival medicine and antibiotics. He is famous for his writings about the use of fish antibiotics as an alternative when prescription medications are not available. His books are geared towards a doomsday circumstance, a situation when help is not coming…

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Coronavirus Survival Guide | Lost Book of Herbal Remedies Featuring Dr Nicole Apelian

Coronavirus Survival Guide

Coronavirus Survival Guide. This is a herbal encyclopedia which could be your life saver. Limited edition and very copies, grab one now.

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