Colorado Apartment Complex Shooting | Aurora Police in Pursuit of Gunman

Colorado Apartment Complex Shooting

Colorado Apartment Complex Shooting: The victims include two adults and three children, and have been rushed to the hospital with serious injuries, as per official reports by the Aurora Police Department. The full story Detectves on the scene have ascertained that there was a party going on at the complex when gunfire broke out, said Officer Matthew Longshore, an Aurora police spokesman. Police are hunting down at least one suspect — a man of an unknown age dressed in a yellow hooded sweatshirt. Anybody who witnessed the shooting must contact…

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Mexico School Shooting Update | Student Guns Down Teacher in Torreon

Mexico School Shooting Update

Mexico School Shooting Update – at least 2 people have lost thier lives and 5 others have been injured during shooting at a school in northern Mexico, according to reports. The full story The shooting happened in Torreon (a city in North Mexico) on Friday morning (10 Jan 2020). The television station Milenioin in the state of Coahuila have been covering the latest developments. A motive for the killings is not yet clear, however investigations are ongoing. Eye witnesses had seen a 12 year old opening fire, as per some…

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Mass Shooting in Ostrava | Six Killed in Czech Republic Hospital Shootout

Six Killed in Czech Republic Hospital Shootout

At least six people were killed at close range in a Ostrava hospital’s waiting room in the Czech Republic on Tuesday. Later the gunman escaped and then killed himself. More updates here Police hunted down the 42-year-old suspect for a few hours and found him in his vehicle, where he turned the gun on himself as the police helicopter hovered overhead. The gunman was using an illegal 9mm handgun.Injuries have been reported by 2 others who were at the hospital in the eastern city of Ostrava.Jiri Havrlant, The director of…

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New Orleans Shooting Caught on Tape | 11 People Shot on Canal Street

11 People Shot on Canal Street

11 people shot in New Orleans as per latest police reports. Enjoyed this video? SUBSCRIBE us on YOUTUBE Two of these victims have been report to be in critical condition. This happened early Sunday morning (around 4:00 a.m.) in the city’s famed French Quarter. There haven’t been any arrests so far and the motive remains unclear as per police reports. The shoot out took place on a busy commercial block of Canal Street that has streetcar tracks and is hotels and restaurants. #NewOrleansShooting #NOLA #BayouClassic2k19 #CanalStreetShooting #NewOrleans #shooting #breakingnews  …

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California School Shooting Leaves one Dead | Updates from Saugus High School

Updates from Saugus High School

At least one person was killed and three were injured in Santa Clarita. Enjoyed this video? SUBSCRIBE us on YOUTUBE At least one person was killed and three were injured in Santa Clarita. A black clothed gunman opened fire in the grounds of a Saugus High School in California, as per official reports. The shooting took place at the Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, north of Los Angeles, just before the school day was due to begin. Police have confirmed that the suspect is now in custody. Saugus High…

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