Indonesian Flight JT610 Crashes | Lion Air Boeing 737 With 189 People Aboard Goes Down | Live Coverage

Indonesian Flight JT610 Crashes

Indonesian Flight JT610 Crashes | Lion Air Boeing 737 With 189 People Aboard Goes Down | Live Coverage

A Lion Air Boeing 737 with 189 people aboard plunges into the Java Sea shortly after take-off; uncertain if there are survivors.

Indonesia’s search-and-rescue agency reported on Monday that a Lion Air Boeing 737 passenger flight from Jakarta to the island of Sumatra crashed into the ocean.

Indonesian Flight JT610 Crashes

A spokesperson of the transport ministry informed that there were 189 people aboard the aircraft.

The plane vanished after losing contact at 6:30am (23:30 GMT) – 13 minutes after take-off, as per official reports

The aircraft was at 3,000 metres above sea level when it vanished after losing contact with air traffic controllers.

Debris was found near where the aircraft lost contact, as reported by Muhmmad Syaugi, who is leading the search-and-rescue agency.

This calamity is the worst airline accident in Indonesia since an AirAsia flight plunged into the sea in December 2014, killing all the passengers and crew on board.

Divers are already at the scene of the wreckage. The area is scattered with life jackets and mobile phones floating around, but no sign of survivors. At this stage it is feared that all on board could have died.

The Boeing plane was acquired by Lion Air in August, as per an air accident investigator. It had successfully accomplished 800 flight hours.

The widely sold aircraft Boeing 737 MAX is involved in any form of fatality for the first time. After being introduced into service in 2017 this aircraft type Boeing 737 MAX jets have had a blemish free record until now.

Lion Air is one of Indonesia’s newest and largest airlines, flying to many domestic and international destinations.

Lion Air, a budget airline, has been involved in many incidents.

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