Zion Williamson’s Nike Shoe Explodes | Injures Knee

Zion Williamson’s Nike Shoe Explodes

Zion Williamson’s Nike Shoe Explodes | Injures Knee | Nike Braces For Fallout

Zion Williamson’s Nike Shoe Explodes

College NCAA basketball star abandons game after wacky shoe malfunction, throwing Nike shares into a downward spiral.

Nike Inc. expressed similar emotions as the rest of the college basketball world over this bizarre incident on Wednesday night. Nike is the very same company that once initiated an advertisement campaign on the phrase “It’s gotta be the shoes!” must have been hoping against all odds that it wasn’t a shoe manufacturing flaw.

Zion Williamson who is the forward at Duke University, is also the top college basketball player in the USA and one of the top NBA prospects in last ten years. It is quite uncanny that such a strange incident has to occur with a rising star right in the centre of it! Zion Williamson has sustained a knee injury as a result of this mishap which occurred just seconds into a crucial game against North Carolina. The video shows that his foot slid on the floor and his Nike shoe literally exploded, this sent him sprawling and twisted his knee in a very painful manner.

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