Why World Champions Predict That Jeff Horn will Demolish Tszyu | All-Aussie Super Fight

Why World Champions Predict That Jeff Horn will Demolish Tszyu

Why World Champions Predict That Jeff Horn will Demolish Tszyu – Jeff Horn will knock out Tim Tszyu. That is the prediction of three of Australia’s most recognisable world champions, Hall of Famer Jeff Fenech, Anthony Mundine and Billy Dib.

They all believe Tszyu (15-0, 11KO) has bitten off quite he can chew in rugged Queenslander Horn (20-2-1, 13KO), who is that the heavy underdog for Wednesday’s super-welterweight fight in Townsville.

The undefeated Tszyu, 25, can expect a rough night if 32-year-old Horn features a big first round, Fenech declared.

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“I see Jeff Horn winning and it might be by stoppage,” Fenech said.

“If he can beat Tim Tszyu to his punches just like the punches he hit Michael Zerafa with, he’ll knock anybody out.

“The most vital thing for Jeff Horn is that he has got to have an excellent first round.

“In the rematch against Zerafa that’s exactly what he did, he hurt him within the opening exchanges, Zerafa wasn’t as confident anymore and Horn took the repel him.

“I watched the Zerafa and Horn fight over and over and saw what Jeff delivered to the second fight, I’m favouring Jeff Horn.

“It’s hard to mention that because I’ve got huge respect for Tim, but the more I watch and therefore the more i feel and analyse, if Jeff fights the proper fight – which he should do early – he should win.

“Jeff knew exactly what he had to try to to early in his last fight against Zerafa, and he must do an equivalent to Tim, let Tim know that he’s there and wishes to respect him.

“I really do believe Jeff Horn will win the fight.

“People are saying Jeff doesn’t have the hunger anymore, but he does have that hunger, he wants to convince Australia and therefore the world he has what it takes. Beating Tim Tszyu will give him that taste again.

“I learned something from (legendary trainer) Emanuel Steward, he knew what opponents you ought to fight and which of them you shouldn’t, and at this stage I wouldn’t be telling Tim that Jeff Horn is that the perfect opponent.

“He might think so, and his team might think so, but the people that really know will say Jeff Horn is that the wrong opponent at the instant . Horn is robust , he’s bigger, he punches hard.

“If Jeff Horn lands a few of these big punches early, who knows what might happen?

“Tim Tszyu features a big future, he’s an excellent fighter, but i feel he’s bitten off quite he can chew here.”

Mundine was knocked out by poke into the primary round of their 2018 fight, and predicts an identical fate for Tszyu.

“I believe it’ll end by Horn stopping him,” Mundine said.

“If it goes the space , Tszyu goes to possess to fight a faultless fight to urge the points, simply because of the sheer pressure and rugged sort of Horn.

“Tim may be a great young talent, he’s got the tools to try to to some goodies during this sport, but I don’t think he’s ever faced anybody as seasoned and experienced as Horn.

“He’s very unconventional, but it’s effective for him.

“I think Tszyu may be a more natural fighter from a technical perspective, but as far as strength and knowledge , Horn has the sting .”

Sources: Dailytelegraph

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