Own The Ground You Walk On | Featuring Fitness Trainer Simran Hotchandani

Own The Ground You Walk On

Own The Ground You Walk On | Featuring Fitness Trainer Simran Hotchandani

Recently team Paandu interviewed Reebok Fitness Ambassador Simran Hotchandani in Mumbai.

Simran is a clinical psychologist, master rehab trainer & barefoot training specialist, barefoot rx specialist, animal flow coach, & certified FMS. She is also India’s first recognized female kettle bell trainer.

Her own transformation from an overweight mom to a fitness trainer has inspired and changed the lives of many.

Here is an extract from the interview

Paandu: Simran why is this your mantra – Own the Ground you Walk on?

Simran: Of all the movements I have ever done, my personal favourite is, and always will be ground based quadrupled movements. For optimum health we need to first own the ground we walk on. Now, that will be possible only when we are able to roll, slide, glide and flow on the floor. Mind you, all of this is not easy, being on the floor…is not easy. Westernization of our Indian culture has resulted in us losing our ability to sit on the floor…. flowing, gliding and sliding is a far cry. Indians have always had the tradition to sit on the floor and eat, but not many of us follow this nowadays. Sitting on the floor is great for the spine and does wonders for the joints by keeping them mobile. Let us go back to our roots… Let’s re-connect with the ground, and feel what the ground wants us to feel.

Paandu: Simran how do you suggest we start reconnecting with the ground?

Simran: Start by simply sitting cross legged on the floor and getting up. To begin with, try doing it unsupported. If this is challenging, then you may take support. For those who this is absolutely unthinkable to do, they can start by rolling side to side on their back. Let’s fall in love with the floor, because going back to basics strengthens the foundation.

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Sources: Team Paandu, Facebook, Instagram, Firstmomclub

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