Rafael Nadal Dumbstruck by McEnroe’s Awkward Request

Rafael Nadal Dumbstruck by McEnroe’s Awkward Request

Rafael Nadal Dumbstruck by McEnroe’s Awkward Request. Watch this Nadal McEnroe interview after the Australian Open quarter final and before the Rafa Stefanos Semi Final.

Rafael Nadal Dumbstruck by McEnroe’s Awkward Request

RAFAEL NADAL finds himself dumbfounded after John McEnroe asked him to take his t-shirt off during a freak on-court interview.

Nadal earned his place in the Australian Open semi-finals as he glided to a 6-3, 6-4, 6-2 victory in the quarter finals against Frances Tiafoe.

But during the interview that followed things got bizarre when McEnroe began acknowledging Frances Tiafoe’s physique.

Throughout the contest, Tiafoe has marked his victories by ripping his t-shirt off and slapping his muscles.

And McEnroe questioned world No 2 Rafael Nadal if he was enticed to follow suit.

“No,” Nadal uncomfortably responded.

“Being honest, I don’t possess his physique”

And John McEnroe replied: “You could have deceived me. It looks quite damn good to me.”

But Nadal’s mannerisms were a little edgy.

“Would you like to do it just once for the crowd?” McEnroe persuaded.

Nadal was flabbergasted as McEnroe then apologetically backed off.

Prior to being asked to get rid of his top, Nadal talked about how he thinks the NextGen stars are ready to join with the current top seeds.

“I said a few of rounds ago that they can hang on a bit longer to beat us,” he said.

“But it seems like they don’t have the patience to wait any longer. They are very much here. Frances got into the quarter-finals, Stefanos in the semi-finals up against me.

“It is going to be a fantastic year in terms of the coming together of generations that makes this sport special.

“The semi final match against Stefanos will be interesting. Let’s see what happens.”

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