2019 Rugby World Cup Fact Sheet | Live Rugby Action 20th Sep to 2nd Nov

Live Rugby Action 20th Sep to 2nd Nov

Tournament: 2019 Rugby World Cup

Edition: This is the ninth edition of the Rugby World Cup

Venue: It is being hosted by Japan.

This is the first time that this event is being hosted outside the traditional heartland of rugby union.

Dates: 20th September to 2nd November

Contesting Nations: 20 Countries have qualified.

They are – New Zealand, England, Australia, Ireland, Scotland, France, South Africa, Wales, Argentina, Japan, Georgia, Italy, Fiji, United States, Russia, Namibia, Tonga, Uruguay, Samoa, Canada

Stadiums: The games will be played at 12 stadiums.

They are – Tokyo Stadium, International Stadium Yokohamaa, Shizuoka Stadium Ecopaa, Hanazono Rugby Stadium, Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium, City of Toyota Stadium, Sapporo Dome, Oita Stadium, Kumamoto Stadium, Kobe Misaki Stadiuma, Kumagaya Rugby Stadium, Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium

Broadcast Rights: International Games Broadcast Services (IGBS) will handle the distribution to rights holders.

High Seas & in Air Rights: Sport24 is the rights holder for in-ship and in-flight broadcast.

Where can I stream The Rugby World Cup 2019? The registration link is in the description

Rugby World Cup Schedule: The whole schedule

September 20: Japan versus Russia (11.45am)

September 21: Australia versus Fiji (5.45am)

September 21: France versus Argentina (8.15am)

September 21: New Zealand versus South Africa (10.45am)

September 22: Italy versus Namibia (6.15am)

September 22: Ireland versus Scotland (8.45am)

September 22: England versus Tonga (11.15am)

September 23: Wales versus Georgia (11.15am)

September 24: Russia versus Samoa (11.15am)

September 25: Fiji versus Uruguay (6.15am)

September 26: Italy versus Canada (8.45am)

September 26: England versus USA (11.45am)

September 28: Argentina versus Tonga (5.45am)

September 28: Japan versus Ireland (8.15am)

September 28: South Africa versus Namibia (10.45am)

September 29: Georgia versus Uruguay (6.15am)

September 29: Australia versus Wales (8.45am)

September 30: Scotland versus Samoa (11.15am)

October 2: France versus USA (8.45am)

October 2: New Zealand versus Canada (11.15am)

October 3: Georgia versus Fiji (6.15am)

October 3: Ireland versus Russia (11.15am)

October 4: South Africa versus Italy (10.45am)

October 5: Australia versus Uruguay (6.15am)

October 5: England versus Argentina (9am)

October 5: Japan versus Samoa (11.30am)

October 6: New Zealand versus Namibia (5.45am)

October 6: France versus Tonga (8.45am)

October 8: South Africa versus Canada (11.15am)

October 9: Argentina versus USA (5.45am)

October 9: Scotland versus Russia (8.15am)

October 9: Wales versus Fiji (10.45am)

October 11: Australia versus Georgia (11.15am)

October 12: New Zealand versus Italy (5.45am)

October 12: England versus France (9.15am)

October 12: Ireland versus Samoa (11.45am)

October 13: Namibia versus Canada (4.15am)

October 13: USA versus Tonga (6.45am)

October 13: Wales versus Uruguay (9.15am)

October 13: Japan versus Scotland (11.45am)

October 19: Quarter final 1 (8.15am)

October 19: Quarter final 2 (11.15am)

October 20: Quarter final 3 (8.15am)

October 20: Quarter final 4 (11.15am)

October 26: Semi final 1 (9am)

October 27: Semi final 2 (9am)

November 1: Third-place Play-off (9am)

November 2: Final (9am)  

Live Rugby Action 20th Sep to 2nd Nov

Sources: Youtube, Wikipedia

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