Maria Sharapova Unbreakable | Post Match Presser US Open R1

Post Match Presser US Open R1

Maria Sharapova is not at all disheartened going down in straight sets to Serena Williams in the 2019 edition of the US Open.

Sharapova said: “Bottom line is I believe in my capability.

You can write me off but that doesn t change my belief in myself! Sharapova added: “I don’t think of it as stumbling block or a serious setback.

In fact I let it fuel me to keep going.

I went through a shoulder surgery about 4 months ago.

And now to find myself competing at the US Open with my fans excited about the matchup, it’s a pretty big deal.

It’s easy to be disheartened after a match like this.

But if I get depressed, then I will wake up the next day without any motivation to train, to be better, that’s more discouraging than the result.

Facing an opponent of Serena William s stature is extremely difficult in the first round of a Slam, coming in with the fact that I haven’t played that much.

But I have been in those tight corners and tough draws before, coming out of them has also been another reality which people tend to forget.”  

Post Match Presser US Open R1

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