Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan Stripped of HRH Title | Prince Charles Blames Daughter-in-Law

Prince Charles Blames Daughter-in-Law

Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan Stripped of HRH Title. Prince Charles appears to be quite upset about his son Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle for deciding to step down and absolve themselves from all Royal duties.

Prince Charles Blames Daughter-in-Law
Prince Charles Blames Daughter-in-Law

The Prince of Wales has remained close to his two sons ever since the death of his first wife Princess Diana. There were unconfirmed rumors that were doing the rounds during his marriage to Diana that Prince Harry was actually the son of former cavalry officer in the British Army, James Hewitt, who allegedly had an affair with the Princess of Wales. Not withstanding this, the father and son have remained close.

An insider for Us Weekly revealed on January 15th that Prince Charles was said to have blamed Meghan for the abrupt decision. On the flip side of this is another reality that the couple will have to face. Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan receive 95 percent of their annual income from Prince Charles through an estimated $6.5 million royal stipend. Prince Charles is now faced with the decision of whether or not he will continue to pay them.

The thought of relinquishing almost the entire Royal fortune, the couple are all set with their plans for a brand new future. Another source explained that both Prince Harry and Meghan are not having second thoughts as they already have a three-year plan in motion. The initial part of the plan consists of settling in Canada while keeping a holiday home in Los Angeles. They are also excited to work with their charities on a more personal level while protecting their son, Archie.

While many fans of the Royals still believe that Prince Harry is under some kind of Markle spell, he seems to be astute in his ways. The royal family had a family gathering to discuss the matter. The Queen has announced that she wanted to settle the matter quickly so everyone can move on with their lives. It has been decided that Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan are stripped of thier HRH Title and other modalities will be ironed out in due course.

Sources: Screen Rant, Prerez Hilton

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