Dwyane Wade Supports LBGTQ Community | Miami Heat Stalwart Accepts his Transgender 12 Year Old

Dwyane Wade Supports LBGTQ Community

Dwyane Wade Supports LBGTQ Community – Dwayne Wade first spoke about his kid’s gender identity during an interview late last December, conveying his support and respect for her.

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Born biologically a male named Zion, the 12-year-old was and has now chosen to be referred to by female pronouns she/her/hers.

Wade disclosed the Zion to Zaya transition during a recent interview with LGBTQ talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

Keeping in mind that a child coming out to their parents doesn’t always result in a comfortable conversation, however Wade and wife Gabrielle Union got advice for parents from the largest LGBTQ+ advocacy group and political lobbying organization in the country.

Dwyane Wade, an erstwhile basketball player for the Miami Heat, is showing that he can lead from the front both on the court and when it comes to supportive parenting.
Last December, Wade first started using “she/her” pronouns when talking to/about his 12-year-old child Zaya, who was male born biologically and earlier named Zion.

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Sources: The Hill, Ellen Tube, Twitter

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