Scientists’ Report Rules Out That Coronavirus Could Be Man Made | Watch: Bio Weapon Theory Squashed

Scientists' Report Rules Out That Coronavirus Could Be Man Made

Scientists’ Report Rules Out That Coronavirus Could Be Man Made – A group of leading virologists from across the globe have dismissed rumors that humans somehow created the lethal strain of coronavirus that has taken the lives of over two thousand people around the world, mostly in China where authorities have ordered quarantine areas in major cities.

The report conveying the views of scientists from renouned institutes such as the University of Sydney and Scripps Research, Columbia University, etc., points to crucial genetic footprints indicating the virus could not have been concocted in a laboratory.

This report has debunked claims that a research centre in Wuhan, near the heart of the outbreak, could be involved.

There were some other theories floating around that this was part of a bio warfare strategy being developed in China. The above report endorsed by credible sources has put to rest all such speculations.

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Sources: South China Morning Post, Youtube, Twitter

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