First Positive COVID-19 Case in Rwanda is an Indian National

First Positive COVID-19 Case in Rwanda

First Positive COVID-19 Case in Rwanda is an Indian National – An Indian in Kigali has been tested positive for COVID-19, becoming the 1st confirmed case of Coronavirus in the east African country of Rwanda.

The Rwandan health ministry, in a statement, said that the Indian national arrived in Kigali from Mumbai on the 8th of March.

The patient was asymptomatic upon arrival in Rwanda. However he reported himself to a health facility 5 days later on March 13, where he was immediately tested.

He is undergoing treatment currently and is in stable condition, isolated from other patients.

The authorities are tracing of all his recent contacts for further management.

This is the 2nd case in east Africa, after Kenya having reported the 1st COVID-19 case on Friday.

The Rwandan government has stepped up public preventive measures and have introduced mobile wash basins outside public transport depots.

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Sources: India Today, Twitter

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