Is India Doing Enough in The COVID-19 Fight? Who is Bearing the Collateral Backlash?

Is India Doing Enough in The COVID-19 Fight

Is India Doing Enough in The COVID-19 Fight – Indian official sources have reported at least 358 deaths from Covid-19 as of April 14, 2020, but the pandemic may also be leading to collateral deaths.

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Is this global virus threat indirectly also killing patients who do not have the coronavirus that causes the disease?

A public hospital in India’s capital New Delhi has reportedly pushed out some patients with other serious medical conditions to make room in a coronavirus unit.

Some of those who were turned away are now living in a nearby pedestrian tunnel in the hope of receiving the treatment.

Others seem to be stuck in New Delhi amid a nationwide lockdown to fight Covid-19.

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Sources: SCMP

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