Vizag Gas leak Eye Witness Footage | Animals, Birds & Humans Critical Fatalities

Vizag Gas leak Eye Witness Footage

Vizag Gas leak Eye Witness Footage – At least eight persons have lost thier life and hundreds sick after poisonous gas leaked from the LG Polymer plant at Gopalapatnam on the outskirts of Vizag.

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Employees were getting ready for the reopening of the plant today when gas leakage occurred in the early hours of 7th May 2020.

Several unconscious people and those with serious respiratory issues were brought to the King George Hospital in the city.

Children & elderly have taken the brunt of this leakage. An offiical at King George Hospital said that death toll is likely to go up.

Many animals have also lost their life and several were seen collapsing into an unconscious state on Thursday morning.

Numerous animals including cows, dogs and even birds are losing lives due to the fatal gas leakage.

Lates reports confirm Eight dead and over 5,000 reported sick due to this lethal styrene gas leak

Styrene gas affects the Central Nervous System and as a result it diminishes the oxygen flow to the brain. Heart-rending scenes have emerged from the Gopalapatnam Hospital.

A five year old girl, was lying on a bed.

“Someone brought & left her on this bed. When she reached here she was almost out of her breath. We managed to save her. Neither her parents or relatives are here,”

said the doctor, who was treating her

Some patients had collapsed on the floor at the reception and others on the waiting section benches outside the hospital as all the beds were full.

After Bhopal Gas Tragedy this gas leak accident in Visakhapatnam today is another spine-chilling incident.

People within a 3km radius of the gas leak were found lying unconscious on the roads. Most of them faced severe breathing difficulties while others complained of rashes in the body, headaches and soar eyes.

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Sources: The Indian Express, Sakshi, TOI, Hindu, Pink Villa, CNN, India Today, Youtube, Twitter

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