Turkish Students Protest On Social Media | Erdogan Confirms EYKS Exams to Go Ahead in June

Turkish Students Protest On Social Media

Turkish Students Protest On Social Media under fear of infections as govt insist on nationwide exams.

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Turkish students took to social media to express thier fears on the upcoming nationwide university entrance exams The government-mandated exams despite the risk of spreading coronavirus to the 2.5 million students expected to sit for the tests.

YKS is the Higher Education Institutions Examination which is an annual exam taken by graduating high school students ahead of being selected into universities. Initially, the government mulled taking the exams digitally on the internet and postponing them until July.

However Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan confirmed that the YKS exams would now be conducted on June 27 and 28 instead of earlier plans for July.

Many students across Turkey have been expressing thier fears on Twitter in the past several days under the “#TurkishStudentLivesMatter” hashtag, saying that the Turkish government was putting student lives in danger by going ahead of the planned tests.

“There are 2.5 million YKS students around the country that are going to take this exam at the same time. They’ll seat us in compacted, muggy, and enclosed classrooms with a minimum of 17 students in it along with watcher teachers (900,000 are commissioned, two for each class) and security guards (545,000 are commissioned all around the country, 5 for each school),” wrote Twitter user @hunwtz in a post that has gained more than 400 retweets so far.

“The government even announced that students will be seated right next to each other. What happened to the five feet apart rule that was put in place just months prior? Not to mention the fact that the exams were actually postponed to July, but were instead put back in June because the Ministry of Tourism was more concerned about money rather than the children taking the exams and their own country’s citizens being in the public in general,” she added.

So far, Turkey’s death toll due to coronavirus stands at 4,807 people dead after 15 more patients died in the past 24 hours.

“We tried so hard more than 40 days for to be heard by the government. But they didn’t care us. An exam was held yesterday. After the exam we learned that some students have COVID-19. The exams during the pandemic must be postponed,” Twitter user Rigor Moris wrote.

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