Indian Troops Foil Infiltration Attempts by Chinese troops | Border Tension at Pangong Tso Lake

Indian Troops Foil Infiltration Attempts by Chinese troops

Indian Troops Foil Infiltration Attempts by Chinese troops – The deadlock between India and China isn’t being named, but it’s reported that on the night of 29 and 30, Chinese troops tried to re-enter the deadlocked site in East Ladakh.

As expected the Indian troops were prepared and retaliated driving the Chinese troops away.

However, consistent with some media reports, during this point there’s also talk about skirmish between the soldiers of both the countries.

Army PRO Colonel Aman Anand said Indian troops had already sensed Chinese troops’ activity on the southern shore of Pangong Tso Lake and foiled infiltration attempts. He also said that the military personnel took action to thwart the Chinese intentions to strengthen the Indian post and unilaterally change the facts on the bottom .

The PRO stated that the Indian Army is committed to maintaining peace through dialogue, but is equally determined to guard its territorial integrity. A brigade commander level flag meeting goes on in Chushul to resolve the problems . the military said the PLA violated the previous consent made after the military and diplomatic standoff during the continued standoff in eastern Ladakh. This comes at a time when talks with China to scale back border tension in eastern Ladakh are stuck in stalemate.

During the recent diplomatic talks between India and China, it had been not agreed to bridge their differences over the ceasefire and de-escalation process along the road of Actual Control (LAC). India stressed the necessity to resolve issues expeditiously.

Constant meetings and discussions happening in India
Defense Minister Rajnath Singh recently discussed the deadlock along the road of Actual Control in Ladakh with the NSA and three service chiefs.

China has also made heavy deployments to coincide with China showing its presence in LAC. Several rounds of negotiations have also taken place between the 2 countries.

On June 15, 20 Indian soldiers were killed during a bloody clash between the 2 sides. quite 40 Chinese soldiers were also killed during this era . China repeatedly talks about peace, but doesn’t desist from its antics in deadlocked areas.

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Sources: Live Hindustan, India Today, Twitter

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