74 Year Old Presumed Dead Wakes Up in an Ice Box | Bizzare Story from Salem

74 Year Old Presumed Dead Wakes Up in an Ice Box

74 Year Old Presumed Dead Wakes Up in an Ice Box – A resident of Salem (TN) was kept inside a freezer by his relatives for 20 hours after they assumed that he had gave up the ghost. The incident came to light from Salem, Tamil Nadu on Wednesday. the person was identified as Balasubramaniya Kumar.

Balasubramanyam Kumar had been ailing for the last few months with age related diseases and had been living together with his 70-year old younger brother Sarvanan at Kandhampatti village in Salem district.

According to Sooramangalam police headquarters officials when Sarvanan tried to awaken his elder brother Kumar on Monday evening, he didn’t respond despite several attempts. Seeing no response from Kumar, Sarvanan ‘presumed’ that his brother who had been ailing was dead and asked a funeral service company to provide a freezer box and called several relatives to tell them about last rites planned for subsequent day.

Instead of taking the elderly man to a doctor or hospital, his family lodged him inside a freezer meant for dead bodies. The police suspect that the family of the elderly man is mentally unstable. Balasubramaniya stays together with his brother Sarvanan and other relations in Old Housing Board, Kandampatty.

On Monday, the family of Balasubramaniya Kumar called a freezer box company and asked them to deliver a box meant for dead bodies. At around 4 pm, a person delivered the box at the residence and told the family that he would take it back on Tuesday.

When the vendors returned on Tuesday evening, they noticed that the ‘body’ kept inside the box was moving and that they called the police. An ambulance was also called to the spot and therefore the man was taken to a hospital. the person is claimed to be during a stable condition.

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