PM’s Image Is Dead, Modi is Accountable For Second Wave, Says Rahul Gandhi

PM's Image Is Dead, Modi is Accoutable For Second Wave, Says Rahul Gandhi

PM’s Image Is Dead, Modi is Accountable For Second Wave, Says Rahul Gandhi : Rahul Gandhi, addressing a virtual press interview, said the 2nd wave of COVID-19 is the “Prime Minster’s responsibility”.

Rahul Gandhi, in one of his strongest assaults yet on the government’s handling of Covid and the deadly 2nd surge, said today that PM Modi was guilty for the 2nd wave and that he “did not comprehend Covid at all”. The Congress leader also projected “many waves” in the country if vaccinations remained at the existing pace. Soon after, the government hit back and proclaimed that vaccinations would be done and dusted before December this year.

“The 1st wave no one understood…but the 2nd wave is the Prime Minster’s responsibility. His failure to carry out his responsibilities is the cause for the 2nd wave,” the Rahul Gandhi said, addressing a virtual press conference.

Vaccines were the only lasting solution to Covid and lockdowns, masks and social distancing were temporary ones, Mr Gandhi said, stressing that with no proper vaccination plan, India would witness multiple waves of this illness. India, he said, had inoculated only 3 per cent of its population, leaving the rest open to the virus.

“I clearly told the Prime Minister that if India does not sort out its immunization strategy, there will be numerous waves since the virus mutates and adapts. The PM is the head of the nation. He is accountable for its well-being. The buck stops with PM Modi. But the PM lives in a bubble… no one talks to him because of his style of handling things. So, in consequence, the ship is pushing along without a clue,” said the Congress leader, piling blame on the Prime Minister.

“Narendra Modi is trying to repair his image but his image is gone… It is time the PM stands up and leads the country. These are the times where he has to demonstrate his real leadership, his bravery, his resolve. The PM must stand up and produce results… don’t be afraid. Time has come to demonstrate what a good statesman you are. So please do your job.”

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