United States tracking ISIS threats against Kabul’s airport as US citizens are trying to leave

United States tracking ISIS threats against Kabul's airport as US citizens are trying to leave


tracking ISIS threats against Kabul’s airport, Americans trying to go away

The U.S. is tracking specific threats from ISIS against Kabul’s airport and against Americans et al.

trying to go away Afghanistan, two defense officials said Saturday.

The military is functioning on other ways to urge Americans, Afghans and third-country nationals safely to the airport.

“We are executing an alternate path,” a defense official said.

Earlier, it had been advised that americans trying to go away shouldn’t to visit Kabul’s airport due to “potential security threats” as senior Taliban leaders arrived within the city to settle on a replacement government.

“We are advising U.S.citizens to avoid traveling to the airport and to avoid airport gates at this point unless you receive individual instructions from a U.S.government representative to try to to so,” the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan said during a statement Saturday.

The advice was issued “because of potential security threats,” the statement said, although it didn’t elaborate on what those threats were.

“We will contact registered U.S. citizens because the security situation changes to supply further instructions,” the statement added.

It came but than 24 hours after President Joe Biden vowed to urge Americans home and help Afghans who’d assisted U.S.

forces within the country et al. who could be in peril .


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