Oldest Covid-19 Survivor | 114 Year Old Ethiopian Monk Survives Coronavirus

Oldest Covid-19 Survivor

Oldest Covid-19 Survivor – An Ethiopian Orthodox monk whose family says he is 114 years old has fought and survived Covid-19. Respect ✊🏼- Is this the world’s oldest #coronavirus survivor? Meet the Ethiopian monk that is back with his grandson after 3 weeks in the hospital battling #Covid19. His family says he is 114-years-old πŸ‘΄πŸΎ@davidnabarro @shekharkapur @PattyArquette @im pic.twitter.com/xMFYqafaMY β€” SDG2030 (@SDG2030) June 28, 2020 Biniam Leulseged said he has no birth certificate to prove his grandfather’s age, but he had a photo from 2006 of him celebrating his 100th…

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