Apple Unintentionally Leaks New iPhone Xs Images | Or Was The Leak Deliberate?

Apple Unintentionally Leaks New iPhone Xs Images

Apple Unintentionally Leaks New iPhone Xs Images | Or Was The Leak Deliberate?

Images of the forthcoming iPhone XS models & Apple Watch Series 4 have escaped into the web ahead of the products’ official launch at the ensuing major Apple event, which will happen at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California on 12th Sept 2018.


Not long back, in fall 2017, Apple publicized & launched the iPhone X, iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus. The iPhone X was particularly striking for being the first phone in the series to use OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) expertise, reducing drag on the phone’s battery life & permitting for an even thinner screen experience. The iPhone 8 had a more old school LCD display, & as such was obtainable at a lower value point, & it appears that Apple will be offering similar choices this year.


Apple Unintentionally Leaks New iPhone Xs Images


The leaked pictures were initially released by 9to5mac, along with a few other spec details. The iPhone XS will be obtainable in 5.8-inch & 6.5-inch sizes, & will apparently be presented in a new gold color (the iPhone X was only available in silver or space grey). Apple is expected to announce 3 spanking new iPhones during the event: the 2 versions of the iPhone XS pictured below, which will have Organic Light Emitting Diode displays, & a 6.1 inch LCD phone at a less dearer price point. Check out the escaped pictures below.

Apple Unintentionally Leaks New iPhone Xs Images
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9to5mac also disclosed an image of the all new Apple Watch Series 4, noting that the most striking change from the Series 3 is the new edge-to-edge design, offering a larger & complete display that can show more information. The Series 4 also boasts a reshaped digital crown & side button, as well as a small microphone between them.

Apple Watch Series 4 Image Leak
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For gamers who enjoy gaming on the move, the iPhone XS is going to be the most fascinating reveal at the forthcoming Apple event.

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