Marvel Comics Icon Stan Lee Dies at 95 | Creator Of Spiderman Dead | RIP

Marvel Comics Icon Stan Lee Dies at 95

Marvel Comics Icon Stan Lee Dies at 95 | Creator Of Spiderman Dead | RIP

Stan Lee, the co-architect of Marvel screen icons like Spider-Man, the Avengers, the X-Men, the Hulk and the Fantastic Four, is no more. He worked with passion till his last days, he was 95.

The comic culture legend passed away this morning after being admitted to Cedars Sini hospital as informed by his daughter’s attorney Kirk Schenck.

As an author and editor in chief for Marvel Comics, Lee became the most celebrated comic book creator in the history of the medium — he was the only architect in the field whose popularity challenged that of the characters he created. He followed his calling at the young age of 17 and got his first published work, a prose story that was published in the fifth issue of Captain America Comics. It was in the 1960s (almost 20 years after his first story) that Lee minted his name and tapped into a vein of pop-culture creativity that went on to make history.

Marvel Comics Icon Stan Lee Dies at 95

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The blending of superhero concepts with soap opera type melodrama as seen in Spider-Man, was a concept first tested by Lee and Steve Ditko in the Amazing Fantasy No. 15, in 1961. Lee had been known to say that often the character of Peter Parker (Spiderman) was the closest to his heart and to his own experience growing up in New York as a studious kid with large dreams and a insignificant life.

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