Ashes Hero Ben Stokes’ Family Tragedy Exposed | His Half Brother & Sister Killed

His Half Brother & Sister Killed

His Half Brother & Sister Killed

Ben Stokes’ half-brother and sister by his mum Deb were shot dead by their father.

Deb s two children Tracey, eight, and Andrew, four, were killed by her ex Richard Dunn.

Deb’s ex became jealous after they split when he discovered she’d taken up with rugby coach Gerard Stokes.

Dunn had weekend custody of the children and shot them both dead before turning the gun on himself in April 1988.

Ben Stokes’ murdered half-sister Tracey, pictured, and her brother Andrew Dunn were ‘beautiful and lively’ Ben Stokes’ half-siblings Tracey and Andrew’s final resting place.

Jacqui Dunn, the killer s daughter from a previous marriage, speaks publicly about the tragedy Jacqui shares ‘newspaper cuttings about what Dad did’ as she talks about it for the first time.

Ben Stokes’ mum ‘kicked the coffin at his funeral’, Jacqui says.

English cricket hero Ben Stokes is welcomed by his parents Gerard and Deborah as he arrives at Christchurch Airport Last month Stokes led England to an incredible victory at the third test of the 2019 Ashes.

Ben married Clare Ratcliffe in 2017, the couple have two children, son Layton and daughter Libby.

Jacqui says she only recently felt able to tell her daughters the truth about her father murdering his children with Ben Stokes’ mum.  

His Half Brother & Sister Killed

Sources: Youtube, The Sun

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