California School Shooting Leaves one Dead | Updates from Saugus High School

Updates from Saugus High School

At least one person was killed and three were injured in Santa Clarita.

At least one person was killed and three were injured in Santa Clarita.

A black clothed gunman opened fire in the grounds of a Saugus High School in California, as per official reports.

The shooting took place at the Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, north of Los Angeles, just before the school day was due to begin.

Police have confirmed that the suspect is now in custody.

Saugus High School and every neighbouring school have been placed on lockdown.

As reported by the LA Times website, the suspect is a male teenager.

Live aerial footage from helicopter showed officers swarming the school, and injured victims being placed in ambulances.

Henry Mayo Hospital has confirmed the death of one female patient. 2 male patients were in critical state.

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Updates from Saugus High School

Sources: BBC News, Twitter, Youtube

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