Fitter Jeff Horn Ready for Rematch | Michael Zerafa Stronger and Confident | Horn vs Zerafa 2

Horn vs Zerafa 2

Promoter Dean Lonergan has seen a remarkable change in Jeff Horn’s fighting abilities. It is believed that due to his improved fitness we will see the very best of the 31-year-old Queenslander when the erstwhile world champion attempts to relaunch his career on Wednesday night by avenging his previous loss to Michael Zerafa.

When Jeff made the decision that he wanted to fight again after the last loss, Dean Lonergan and (trainer) Glenn Rushton set the ground rules which have now taken shape into his current peak level fitness form.

There is true rivalry between both the camps. Michael doesn’t like Jeff and Jeff doesn’t like Michael. The reason is a no brainer. Michael is of the opinion that Jeff denied him the opportunity to make a ton of money to go and fight (Ryoto) Murata. They had an offer of around $700,000 which almost accepted to fight Murata. It is at that point that Jeff lured Micheal into this rematch.

Both of them have much to lose. Zerafa has already sacrificed a big payday because of the rematch clause. If Zerafa loses this fight then any hope of reviving the fight against Murata would be lost.

Horn on the other hand has the prospect of a big fight against Tim Tszyu, potentially in March or April next year. However a loss against Zerafa would almost end his career and any other fight aspirations.

Zerafa strongly believes that he can beat Jeff. He thinks he can really hurt him. He appears to be bigger and stronger than him.

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Horn vs Zerafa 2

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