4k Tourists Trapped in Mallacoota Beach | The Life Threatening Victoria Bushfire Aftermath

4k Tourists Trapped in Mallacoota Beach

4k Tourists Trapped in Mallacoota Beach are facing the nightmare of thier lives. In this seaside town smoke has turned day to night and the authorities said nearby fires were causing extreme thunderstorms and “ember attacks”.

Thousands of locals and tourists are stuck on this fire-ravaged beach in southeast Australia.

Andrew Crisp, Victoria’s Emergency Management Commissioner reported that firefighters have been deployed to protect the group.

Authorities have been warning since a few days, reaching out to approx. 30,000 tourists to cut thier holiday short and to leave the area.

The options available for sea and air evacuation are being examined.

Residents are ready with thier life jackets in case they need to seek refuge in the water from the fire.

Temperatures in bushfire vicinities can hit 100s of degrees Farenheit and can kill anyone nearby, long before the flames reach them.

The crisis has brought more attention on climate change — which scientists had predicted would create longer and more intense bushfires. Street protests have been sparked calling for immediate action to tackle global warming.

Shockingly and amdist all this Sydney city officials said that the New Year’s Eve fireworks would go head. Canberra and several regional towns on the other hand have called off similar fire wrks displays this year.  

4k Tourists Trapped in Mallacoota Beach

Sources: Nine News, 7 News, NDTV, Twitter, Youtube

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