Hyderabad Gang Rape Accused Meet Cinema Style Ending | Is Vigilante Justice The Answer?

Hyderabad Gang Rape Accused Dead

Let me start with a quote I read recently in a social media post ‘Rape is about violence, not sex. If a person hits you with a spade you wouldn’t call it gardening’.

Rape is the 4th most common crime against women in India.

2043 cases of rape have been registered in Delhi alone in 2018. Imagine how many more would be across India.

The four accused in the Hyderabad veterinarian gang rape have been shot dead in an early morning encounter. A classic cinema style ending to an outrageous and barbaric act. The joyous feeling felt by a majority public on hearing the encounter only reflects the pain felt by the public on hearing the heinous crime committed.

The first message I saw this morning on my phone was that of Hyderabad accused being shot dead in an encounter. Before this message could sink in, I saw the headline in the paper lying next to me. ‘Thrashed, stabbed, set ablaze, rape survivor runs for help in a ball of fire in Unnao’. I couldn’t even understand the feeling that I went through reading both pieces of flashing news early in the morning.

The police in Hyderabad have set a precedent and now many in the public want the same treatment for similar crimes. Will the police handle Unnao Rape case in similar fashion?

As a common man, I am confused. In Unnao, UP, a minor girl gets gang raped. On an FIR filed by the accused, her father is taken for questioning and dies in police custody due to injuries. Months later a truck collides with the vehicle in which the victim was travelling seriously injuring her and her lawyer and killing two of her relatives. Today she was burnt alive. The main accused in this case is an MLA and was out on bail until recently. The government in UP says they are following the laws of the state. I am confused. Is the law different for a common man and an MLA or is the law different from Telengana and Uttar Pradesh?

Machiavelli, the philosopher, states it is better to be feared than to be loved especially if you are a large organization or a government. It is important that we instill fear among people committing crimes. However, justice and fear should be served in a democratic and judicial manner. The Hyderabad police have negated democracy by serving justice in their own way. This encounter is not going to stop the next rape but has calmed the public in this particular case. As happy as I am that the accused are punished, I only wish it happened through our Judicial system. Negating and ignoring the Judicial system is a bad precedent.

For all those who are celebrating the killing of the 4 accused in Hyderabad. Have you raised your voice for the Unnao rape victim or are you just feeling bad for her?

(BTW, the Unnao rape victim died yesterday with 90% burns and a cardiac arrest)

Now that the common man has been served a happy ending in one rape case, is he going to soften his stance on other rape cases? Have you? Or are you going to fight for those who cant fight for themselves?

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Hyderabad Gang Rape Accused Meet Cinema Style Ending

Sources: India Today, Social Media, Sundaraman Pandian

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