Mass Shooting in Ostrava | Six Killed in Czech Republic Hospital Shootout

Six Killed in Czech Republic Hospital Shootout

At least six people were killed at close range in a Ostrava hospital’s waiting room in the Czech Republic on Tuesday. Later the gunman escaped and then killed himself.

Police hunted down the 42-year-old suspect for a few hours and found him in his vehicle, where he turned the gun on himself as the police helicopter hovered overhead. The gunman was using an illegal 9mm handgun.

Injuries have been reported by 2 others who were at the hospital in the eastern city of Ostrava.

Jiri Havrlant, The director of the hospital, Jiri Havrlant, told the CTK news agency that the shooter entered the waiting room and opened fire on people at close range. He said one of the wounded was still in critical condition.

The motives for the killings remained unclear, and police said they had hightened security at “selected soft targets” across the country.

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Six Killed in Czech Republic Hospital Shootout

Sources: The Washington Post, aljazeera, Reuters, Independent, Twitter, Youtube

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