Dramatic Footage Taal volcano Spewing lava | Thousands Flee Manila Amidst Government Warnings

Dramatic Footage Taal volcano Spewing lava

Warnings of continued eruptions prompted the government to shut schools and offices. Stock markets were suspended and all trading came to a halt.

Dramatic Footage Taal volcano Spewing lava – The erupting Taal volcano located 65 kilometers south of the capital Manlla spewed lava into the atmosphere and spread ash across the Philippines. The evacuation of tens of thousands of people is underway.

The Philippine Institute of Seismology and Volcanology confirmed that magma eruptions had taken place in the volcano early Monday, glorified by a lava fountain, lightning and thunder. The volcano had produced approximately seventy five earthquakes.

The eruptions on Monday were predicted in advance by the agency and they had warned that this volcano could reach a hazardous “Level 5” within hours or days.

The agency’s warning led the government to shut offices and educational institutions and financial markets to suspend trading on Monday.

Taal is among the other 20 active volcanoes in the Philippines, and is located right on the Pacific Ring of Fire.

About 300,000 residents have to be evacuated, especially if eruptions in the main crater result in the surrounding craters to explode, authorities said.

Manila’s main airport — which was closed since the volcano became active on Sunday afternoon, disrupting more than 240 flights and affecting about 60,000 passengers — resumed skeletal operations before on Monday, according to authorities.

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Dramatic Footage Taal volcano Spewing lava

Sources: National Post, Twitter, Youtube

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