Mexico School Shooting Update | Student Guns Down Teacher in Torreon

Mexico School Shooting Update

Mexico School Shooting Update – at least 2 people have lost thier lives and 5 others have been injured during shooting at a school in northern Mexico, according to reports.

The shooting happened in Torreon (a city in North Mexico) on Friday morning (10 Jan 2020).

The television station Milenioin in the state of Coahuila have been covering the latest developments.

A motive for the killings is not yet clear, however investigations are ongoing.

Eye witnesses had seen a 12 year old opening fire, as per some unconfirmed reports.

In video and photos posted on social media seemingly right after the incident, it appears that a crowd had formed outside of the school as parents embrace their children. In some photos, a black handgun can be seen next to the bodies of students.

Some other unconfirmed reports suggest that a student has shot down a teacher and opened fire on some other pupils.

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Mexico School Shooting Update

Sources: The Independent, Yahoo News, Twitter, Youtube

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