Nathaniel Woods Was Executed Today | Is this Justice Served or an Innocent Man Executed?

Nathaniel Woods Was Executed Today

Nathaniel Woods Was Executed Today – almost 16 years after officers Carlos Owen, Harley A. Chisholm III, and Charles R. Bennett of Birmingham police department were slain.

This ill fated day was coined as the “Deadliest Day” in the history of the Birmingham Police Department.

Nathaniel Woods, one of the convicted killers, was executed on Thursday night (5th March 2020) despite outcries from celebrities and groups that he was not responsible for the killings.

The death sentence was executed at William C. Holman Correctional Facility in Atmore. Woods, 43, was officially pronounced dead just after nine in the evening.

What is perplexing at this time is the reaction by human activist groups and high profile individuals. Do they really believe that Nathaniel Woods didn’t fire those bullets? If that is correct then has an innocent man been executed?

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Sources:, Attorney General Steve Marshall, Youtube, Twitter

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