COVID-19 Cases on the Rise in India

COVID-19 Cases on the Rise in India

COVID-19 Cases on the Rise in India – The number of coronavirus cases in India rose to 40 as a 3-year-old from Kerala tested positive on 9th March.

COVID-19 spreads from Italy

The COVID-19 victim in Kerala is a child with travel history from Italy and was screened and isolated at the Kochi airport. The child and their parents — who have now been quarantined — landed in Kochi on a flight from Dubai on March 7.

COVID-19 preventive measures in India

Schools were shut in several states across the country, including primary schools in the Capital, as the number of cases due to the novel coronavirus rose to 40 in India.

As part of efforts to contain the spread of the infection, three people who returned from coronavirus-affected regions in the past nine day were yesterday quarantined for suspected exposure in Indore in Madhya Pradesh.

Assam, too, quarantined at least 400 people after they came in contact with an American tourist who tested positive for the virus in Bhutan after travelling through the state recently.

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