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Kidney Disease Emerging as the Silent New American Epidemic

Kidney Disease Emerging as the Silent New American epidemic – an eye opener by a former chronic kidney disease patient.

A kidney disease patient named Maggie who was about 50 when she first came upon a totally organic kidney healing program.

Her life had been shattered, literally wrecked with stage 4 kidney disease.

She had no life, was unemployed because she was too sick to work, not enough strength to see her friends and sat around most of the time watching TV.  She was deeply nostalgic of the days of when she had energy to do uncomplicated things like make a home cooked meal for her kids. 

She basically was waiting for her kidneys to fail and to start dialysis.

The medical doctors said that there was nothing that could be done. She had no other option but to wait around for her kidneys to fail and start a life with dialysis – a 3 days per week 4 hours per day of painful dialysis regiment.

What they should have actually told Maggie was that there was nothing  -THAT THEY WERE AWARE OF – that could be done. 

Maggie’s sister took it upon herself to search the internet for anything that could make her younger sister feel healthier. She found some encouraging reviews about a system that was helping people using natural remedies. 

Maggie was eager to try everything to feel better. Any relief, even if insignificant would be worth it.

After just three weeks of simple daily life changes and following the program known as The All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program  …… her symptoms and kidney disease was receding. She started going out with her friends again, making scrumptious home cooked meals that she could enjoy as her terrible nausea was no longer an issue. She even got a part time job at the local cinema.

After a few months she went back to the nephrologist to get her blood tested. She had an instinctive feeling the results would be better than last time. All of a sudden the doctor walked in with a bewildered look on his face. 

Maggie got nervous and began to fear the worst. She had frightening thoughts going through her mind.  How would I pay for $100,000 per year dialysis treatments, she could only just afford the rent.

It felt like perpetuity when the doctor ultimately spoke, “I don’t know what you are doing, but keep doing it”. Apparently the resulted showed that she had progressed from stage 4 to stage 2 kidney disease. 

No longer at critical stage renal disease (ESRD) commonly known as kidney failure, she was elated and thanking god her sister found an natural program that actually works and is supported by scientific evidence.

If you’re one of the forty million Americans or two hundred million people worldwide living with kidney disease and losing sleep over the horror of getting into dialysis, you don’t have to suffer anymore. You don’t have to miss out on life and can stop worrying!


When you know the vital things to do to enhance your kidney function you can be rest assured that you can avoid kidney failure, dialysis and even reverse your kidney disease!

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