Top 5 Tributes Rishi Kapoor | RIP

Top 5 Tributes Rishi Kapoo

Top 5 Tributes Rishi Kapoor – while tributes have been pouring from all over the world we have put together the top 5 in this video.

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Featuring and countind down

  • Salman Khan’s message – Tribute#5
  • Unforgettable moments with Amitabh Bachan – Tribute#4
  • Montage by Bollywood TV – Tribute#3
  • Heartfelt and sensible tribute by leading youtuber – Tribute#2
  • Musical expression y a true fan right by Rishi Kapoors bedside during his final days – Tribute#1

The unforgettable moments with Amitabh Bachan was a longer video so we could only include a snippet in the tribute countdown. You can watch the full version of that here.

Hope you enjoy this, and do leave your comment below.

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Sources: Crazy for Bollywood, Bollywood TV, Six Sigma Films, Badal Yadav, Youtube

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