Birmingham City Center Stabbing Rampage | Several People Injured in Sunday Midnight Major Incident

Birmingham City Center Stabbing Rampage

Birmingham City Center Stabbing Rampage – Multiple people are injured during a series of stabbings in Birmingham.

West Midlands Police said there have been “a number” of victims, but the severity of their injuries wasn’t immediately known.

Officers were called to reports of a stabbing at around 12.30am on Sunday, which was then followed by reports of other incidents within the area.

The force said: “We are in know of several injured people, but at this point in time we are not in a position to mention what percentage or how serious.

“However, all emergency services are working together at the scene, and ensuring that those that are injured receive medical aid .

“Investigations are ongoing to determine what actually happened, and will take a while before we are able to verify anything. At this early stage it might not be appropriate to comment on the cause/s of the incident.”

Police said the probe is ongoing “for some time” and urged people to remain faraway from the scene.

Birmingham City Center Stabbing Rampage

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Sources: Echo, Sky News, Twitter

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