Lionshead Fire Grows to 18,615 Acres | Level 2 evacuations Near Warm Springs Adviced

Lionshead Fire Grows

Lionshead Fire Grows – The fire, located about 14 miles west of Warm Springs, grew to almost 19,000 acres by Monday.

Fire crews in Oregon and Washington face challenging conditions as high winds and temperatures hit the Pacific Northwest on Labor Day .

The Lionshead Fire, located about 14 miles west of Warm Springs, grew to 18,615 acres by Monday as fire officials steel oneself against high winds and dangerous conditions across both wildfires late Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

The fire is 31% contained. There are now quite 500 people working the hearth , which was caused by lightning last month.

Breitenbush Hot Springs was placed at Level 2 – “Be Set” evacuation status Monday morning in response to the hearth . This Level 2 notice was expanded Monday afternoon to incorporate the nearby Devil’s Creek community.

Level 2 status means there’s significant danger within the area and residents should voluntarily relocate or be able to evacuate at a moment’s notice.

A wind Warning is in effect Monday evening. The strong sustained winds and powerful gusts could bring down trees and power lines, making the hearth conditions even more dangerous.

The Beachie Creek Fire, burning about 6 miles north of Detroit, Oregon, is now over 500 acres.

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Sources: KGW8, Twitter

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